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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Initially I admit I had reservations about establishing a gofundme site for Farrah and Sinead’s 2015  Campaign.  It doesn’t seem like asking people for money to help Farrah get to shows and compete in them is worthy of a gofundme campaign.  There are so many other causes that are clearly of great importance:  people’s health and necessities should absolutely come first.  However, in speaking with a friend, she mentioned that other athletes, and specifically eventers, also had the same reservations.  A few went forward and set up gofundme sites for their needs:  one to get his horses across the US to compete at Fair Hill in 2014, another to ship an aged mount they had lost track of back home for retirement.  Each of these endeavors was successful and I think the equestrian community, and specifically eventers, are quite supportive and close knit.

Sinead and I tossed some ideas around and have since launched Farrah’s Campaign, you can find it on    Instead of simply asking for help with no return, I started canvasing my friends and fellow equestrians for donations of auction items.  At least if you receive something in return for your generosity, I will feel less like I am begging for handouts!  I know it is a privilege to own a pony that competes at the upper levels, and it is unfortunate that I don’t have the financial means to get her to Advanced on my own.  I am so incredibly grateful for the support from Farrah’s Fans (Facebook and in the flesh) and the generosity of other professionals within the eventing and pony communities.

So far, we have had three pony stallion owners offer to donate breedings to their pony stallions for auction, of which one stallion owner offered five!!  This stallion, the New Forest Pony Stallion, Carlo, is Farrah’s grandsire and stands in The Netherlands.  He is only available to European breeders and fans, but their generosity is incredible.  Carlo stands at Hengstenhouderij Reilink.  Winners of the auction can breed their own little Farrah’s!   My good friends at Elderglen Farm offered their Connemara Stallion, WH Topgun, because they thought maybe my Connemara friends would want to help and they are correct!  Topgun’s breeding has already been claimed.  We still have two North American breedings to auction, to the incredible Trevelyan Farm New Forest Pony Stallion, Wickedcourt Jester.  Trevelyan Farm bred Farrah and are so excited to see her at this level of competition.  It amazes me that these breeders will stand behind my pony, OUR pony, Farrah, to keep her competing with the incredibly talented Sinead Halpin.

Other professionals have jumped onboard:  Sinead’s husband Tik Maynard donated a lesson to auction, my own trainer Ashley Leith offered up two lessons to auction and Hilda Donahue offered to teach a clinic at my farm in March with half the proceeds going to Farrah’s campaign!  We have been offered art to auction, jewelry and necessities like Point Two replacement canisters!  Awesome photographer Valerie Durbon sent us pictures worthy of signatures and framing, and Sinead is offering a cross country course walk.  I am offering free schooling show vouchers for local fans, and more offers are coming in.  I have to update almost daily from the new offerings.  To follow the Facebook auctions, please visit Farrah's Facebook Page:  Forrest Nymph.  

I am so proud to belong to the eventing community and Sinead and Farrah and I thank you so much for your continued support as they work this spring to solidify their partnership and take on Eventing at the Advanced Level.

Humbly yours,

Beth Davidson

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Farrah goes to CANADA!

Valerie Durbon Photo Fair Hill 2014 CCI**

Sinead was invited to challenge Tik (her Canadian husband) at Toronto's Royal Winter Fair in Indoor Eventing.  I think Farrah Pony will love the tight turns and lack of dressage :)  I am so looking forward to seeing video of them go!  Wishing the little Paprika and Sinead the best of luck at Horseware's Indoor Eventing!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Where Farrah Gives Sinead a Heart Attack in the Week prior to Fair Hill.

Plantation Stadium Jumping CIC**
I believe this photo is courtesy of Michelle Carson!

We are in the week leading up to the Fair Hill CCI**.  Farrah, as well as Contaro (YEH-5) and Sinead are currently in Middleburg, VA, where they are hanging out to get in a few more gallops up real hills.  Farrah decided Sinead needed a bit of additional excitement in her life during this prep week and so she worked really hard yesterday to give Sinead a heart attack.

Now, Farrah is a bit of an antsy pants in a horse trailer, so pawing is a fairly common occurrence and normally ignored.  Farrah's pretty fit right now and decided she just COULD NOT WAIT to be unloaded. Additional theatrics ensued when Farrah jumped the CHEST BAR while still loaded in her stall in Sinead's head to head rig.  Mind you, there were bales of shavings to negotiate on the landing side, whereby Farrah must have touched down on them (hoof print evidence) and then Farrah proceeded to end up in the straight stalls on the far side.  Sinead was convinced Farrah must have at minimum scraped herself to no end, or at worst have suffered a broken leg from leaping the chest bar from a standstill.  Apparently that answer is No, not when you are the Farrah Pony.......she is missing a bit of hair off her stifles and she proceeded to jog up sound.  Half an hour later (in the almost dark) they made it out to the gallop hill and Farrah again trotted up super this morning....Pony Mares!

I think you have made your point, Farrah, and Sinead and I would both appreciate no further random displays of exuberance or athleticism, please!  At least, save them for the jumping phases at Fair Hill and not the dressage!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Plantation Week and Seneca Valley Pictures!

Both photos in this post are courtesy of Mike McNally, who so graciously
allowed me to use them in the blog! Thanks Mike!
Seneca Valley Horse Trials are now a wrap and Sinead and Farrah came out of dressage sitting 6th of 19.   Happy to say Farrah is becoming more rideable in dressage even when she is intermediate fit.  In the past, fit = bad dressage, not a great combination.  Even with a few bobbles in the test, Farrah put down a respectable intermediate dressage test for Sinead.
Stadium was clean jumping, with a bit of time, a huge improvement over VHT.  At VHT, Farrah thought she should drag Sinead to the fences and her exuberence cost them some rails.  From the pictures Mike took, it is pretty clear that 3'9 isn't difficult for this Pony!
If Farrah keeps jumping so well, Sinead's going to wonder if they do have a rail, was it Farrah or her own foot!  Great to see that Farrah is still allergic to wood!
After the SJ they went right out on cross country.  Sinead said the ground was rock hard and they wouldn't go for time, just a nice prep run for Plantation 2*.  Even with time faults, Farrah and Sinead moved up to finish Seneca in 5th place in the Intermediate.  Awesome!  Now I begin the nailbiting that occurs for me before the pair's big events, Plantation and in October, Fair Hill.
Shoot pictures and video of the pony and Sinead for me if you are spectating at The.Best.Event.Ever (Plantation)!  I can't wait to try their new live feature for cross country day:  PRO TV.  GO PONY and TEAM SHE!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Prelude to Plantation Fields........Seneca Intermediate!

Brant Gamma Photo (May VHT)

It's almost showtime!  Sinead is back from the WEG, where she and Tate had the experience of a lifetime competing for the USA.  Sinead hit the ground running with competitions almost immediately for the horses who stayed stateside.  The good news about Sinead's absence?  Farrah seems to have missed Sinead and has been super agreeable lately!  Here's to hoping that Farrah's good humor bodes well for an excellent showing in all three phases of Intermediate at Seneca.

Seneca is a prep run for the CIC** at Plantation, a mere week away.  Then a bit of a breather until a final prep run at Morven Park for FAIRHILL.  Farrah is being entered today for Fairhill CCI**. Come on out and cheer on your favorite PONY and Sinead...........

ps.  I am still working on the shirts, looks like Fairhill will be a more realistic target!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Seneca Intermediate and Plantation CIC **!!

Farrah was entered in the Seneca Valley Horse Trials at Intermediate and the Plantation Field's 2*!!  Meg Kep had to enter them from France!!!  More later as Miss Sinead and Tatey are busy preparing for WEG but Farrah's fall season is about to START!!

I can't wait!!!