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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Farrah Does Ocala

Farrah was incredible at the Ocala Horse Properties Event.  We had a few hiccups in dressage, where I pushed for a wow lengthening at the trot without the half-halt.  We cantered 2 strides, so that became a 4...of course that shut off my brain and I started to walk at C, instead of the stretchy trot circle (Training A).  Ah well, add an error.  Farrah was 8th after dressage with a 38.

Stadium was awesome.  Farrah was so rideable, the course flowed and we made time and left all the rails up :)

Cross country had some good questions for a first training.  There was a half coffin, a log/bank drop, a second bank drop 2 strides from a table and lots of big gallop tables.  Nice bending question.  I figured we'd not even be close to optimum time and I didn't go for time, as we are so new to this level (first time out!).  I was shocked, we were only 10 seconds off the time and ended up with a 4th!  So one score down for a T3D (long format event).

I CAN'T wait for our next one, sometime in January.  Woo Hoo Farrah!!!