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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First one down, hopefully many more to come!!

Farrah after her training cross country run at Rocking Horse.

Farrah and Sinead completed their first event together and I would say it was a success!  With less than 2 months together, they laid down a 30.5 in the dressage (the Redhead's least favorite phase) and came home with nothing added to their score to finish in 7th in an open training division.  The test included a few bobbles so we know that score can get lower and Farrah finds the training test a bit boring.  That's ok, Farrah, Sinead has you entered in the preliminary division at Ocala Horse Properties, so game on.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Farrah has a Question.

Farrah would like to know if she can get a plane ride to Mexico, please.

Sinead somehow picked the coldest week in Florida to jet to warmer Mexico and Farrah is a tad jealous. The pony is not super fond of the cold and is anxiously awaiting her rider's return now that their first show has been entered!!

Have fun Sinead and Tik and we will see you next week.  Hopefully you will bring back warmer weather on your return!