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Monday, September 15, 2014

Plantation Week and Seneca Valley Pictures!

Both photos in this post are courtesy of Mike McNally, who so graciously
allowed me to use them in the blog! Thanks Mike!
Seneca Valley Horse Trials are now a wrap and Sinead and Farrah came out of dressage sitting 6th of 19.   Happy to say Farrah is becoming more rideable in dressage even when she is intermediate fit.  In the past, fit = bad dressage, not a great combination.  Even with a few bobbles in the test, Farrah put down a respectable intermediate dressage test for Sinead.
Stadium was clean jumping, with a bit of time, a huge improvement over VHT.  At VHT, Farrah thought she should drag Sinead to the fences and her exuberence cost them some rails.  From the pictures Mike took, it is pretty clear that 3'9 isn't difficult for this Pony!
If Farrah keeps jumping so well, Sinead's going to wonder if they do have a rail, was it Farrah or her own foot!  Great to see that Farrah is still allergic to wood!
After the SJ they went right out on cross country.  Sinead said the ground was rock hard and they wouldn't go for time, just a nice prep run for Plantation 2*.  Even with time faults, Farrah and Sinead moved up to finish Seneca in 5th place in the Intermediate.  Awesome!  Now I begin the nailbiting that occurs for me before the pair's big events, Plantation and in October, Fair Hill.
Shoot pictures and video of the pony and Sinead for me if you are spectating at The.Best.Event.Ever (Plantation)!  I can't wait to try their new live feature for cross country day:  PRO TV.  GO PONY and TEAM SHE!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Prelude to Plantation Fields........Seneca Intermediate!

Brant Gamma Photo (May VHT)

It's almost showtime!  Sinead is back from the WEG, where she and Tate had the experience of a lifetime competing for the USA.  Sinead hit the ground running with competitions almost immediately for the horses who stayed stateside.  The good news about Sinead's absence?  Farrah seems to have missed Sinead and has been super agreeable lately!  Here's to hoping that Farrah's good humor bodes well for an excellent showing in all three phases of Intermediate at Seneca.

Seneca is a prep run for the CIC** at Plantation, a mere week away.  Then a bit of a breather until a final prep run at Morven Park for FAIRHILL.  Farrah is being entered today for Fairhill CCI**. Come on out and cheer on your favorite PONY and Sinead...........

ps.  I am still working on the shirts, looks like Fairhill will be a more realistic target!