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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dr. Porter Green Lights the CCI*

Most of the time, eventers are really not a super cautious group.  I mean, come on, we gallop over some pretty serious stuff after playing in the sandbox.  But sometimes it pays to be a bit cautious, and I would like to think that being proactive in the care of the Redhead will add to her longevity in the career she has chosen for herself (Farrah's choice, she's the one who got herself booted out of the fancy dressage barn!).  We asked Dr. Porter (Performance Horse Doc, for those of you unfamiliar with him) to come down and examine Farrah and Cindy, just to make sure we are all good to go.  We not only have Rocking Horse 3 this weekend, but after this weekend we  increase training and fitness in preparation for the Ocala CCI* in April. 

Dr. Porter has seen a fair amount of event horses, as he is based in Alachua, and he has been the Competition Vet for Red Hills (including this year as well).  He came out yesterday to flex and jog the Redhead and Cindy and also to issue our health letter due to the EHV-1 scare now creeping around HITS OCALA and WEF.  Farrah did attempt to bite Dr. Porter's nice helper a few times, as she bounced down the shell driveway with helper in tow.  Farrah has a way of letting everyone know she is full of it, while still trying to curb her enthusiasm to some degree.  Farrah is not always completely successful and the redhead in her has to create some excitement!  Ah well, the good news is that not only did she not draw blood from the helper, Farrah also flexed great!  Her back is nice and loose and her tendons are tight and Dr. Porter complemented both mares on being well prepared physically for this weekend and beyond!

Now, if only I could be as prepared and somehow figure out how to correctly upload the lovely cross country video that RNS made for of Farrah at RH 2, that would really be something ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Smile Says It All

Forrest Nymph (Farrah) and Lauren DeNeve just before they went out and completely NAILED their third ever Preliminary at Rocking Horse Winter II Horse Trials. 
All photos from this show happily credited to Jody Harwood.  Thank you!

Dressage was obedient and fairly relaxed and scored a 35.

Stadium was fantastic and Farrah and Lauren went double clear :)

Now for the fun part.  The above photo is the first jump in to a full coffin line. 
Farrah's expression through the line says it all....




The entire course looked easy and for the first time at preliminary, Lauren went for time and at 520 meters/minute they made it.  This preliminary counts for score 3 of 4 needed for the CCI in April and they finish on their dressage score for THIRD PLACE!

Last fence on course, sun starting to set, they went out at 4:52PM:

Farrah and Lauren are on a well deserved few days off and then on to Rocking
Horse III in a few weeks.  We will then have six weeks until the CCI.  GO PONY.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Mike Huber Lesson

Lauren and her peeps traveled to Rocking Horse on Sunday to have a school with Mike Huber.  Mike got to see Farrah and her fellow preliminary competitor of Lauren's, Cindy.  Mike and Lauren had a great time and I will say so did Farrah.  The minions later rode our young ones around under Lauren's watchful eye.

With Mike, Farrah and Lauren rode a prelim combination into the water, option of holding 3 or forward 2.  Farrah launched on the forward 2 and almost unseated Lauren on the landing (try sticking on 14.3 that kicks up her hind end on the backside of a drop) and Mike and Lauren agreed that the holding 3 is a better option if Farrah is going to make the skinny on the out!  They finished their school with the above pictured table.  Lauren thought it was big, and walking up to it later with a red number on it, we knew it was an intermediate table.  I knew it was wide, but it didn't bother Farrah a bit ;)

Farrah really impressed Mike on the bounce banks.  He told us she is cat-like on the banks, I think Farrah just likes showing off!  Looking forward to another qualifying score at Rocking Horse II, which is this weekend.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Follow-Up

Eventing Nation continues the Farrah story:

Now to get ready for Rocking Horse II and plan 
our next outing after Rocking Horse :)

Thanks for the love, EN!!

Friday, February 1, 2013


To say Lauren and I are thrilled would be putting it mildly, what a nice week for Farrah and Lauren!  First the Chronicle, now Eventing Nation and Farrah will be featured in the April Newsletter for ISR Oldenburg.  It is so awesome that everyone wants to follow this dynamic partnership move up the levels of eventing.  Thanks so much for everyone's support.  It is really appreciated.  Photo above courtesy of my friend, Jennifer Marriott, who flew down RH 1 weekend to escape frigid temps :)