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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jumper Show!

                   Farrah resting up!

Farrah and her friends at Sinead Halpin Eventing are going to pass on Milbrook and head to a jumper show instead.  Farrah will join her stablemates (including WEG bound Tate) in the stadium ring this weekend to add some polish to their jumping effort.  For Farrah, this means that although she is intermediate fit, Farrah is not allowed to run off with Sinead between fences :-)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fall Plans for the RedHeaded Pony and Sinead!

Brant Gamma Photo, Intermediate, VHT May 2014

The RedHead had a nice easy run at The Horse Park of New Jersey at Preliminary with Sinead last weekend.  The show oddly offered Advanced and Prelim with no Intermediate, which probably explains why there were 5 sections of Prelim!  The pony put in a very nice dressage test (31.7) and a reasonable SJ round (1 rail) and they were one second over optimum, giving 4th place to Buck Davidson on the same score to finish in 5th place!  

Sinead has mapped out the fall now that she knows that she and Tatey are headed to Normandy, France to participate on the USA's WEG Team.  Yay for Team SHE!  Farrah and Sinead are aiming at:

August 2-3, Millbrook Horse Trials (New York) - Intermediate

September 19-21,  Plantation Field Horse Trials (Pennsylvania) - CIC**

October 15-19, Fairhill International 3-Day (Maryland) - CCI**

I am planning to go to Maryland for Fairhill, as I can visit a dear friend and his boys and then head on up to the show.  If any of Farrah's fans are at the shows, stop by and say "Hi" to the RedHead as she loves visitors!