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Friday, June 27, 2014

New Jersey Run this Weekend!

Facebook photo from Kevin Mead

Farrah's farrier since she was six months old has been Kenny Mead.  He started trimming Farrah when she came from Trevelyan Farm (PA) to her first owner, Lynn Simpson, and he as been shoeing her ever since.  I think Kenny is a bit crazy to drive all the way to NJ from FL, but he just delivered this new mobile farrier box for himself.  Now he can fly back and forth and he has tools on site.  (Thankfully Kenny also does horses in Maryland as well, and those horses also have their own tools on site, although not quite so fancy as this mobile rig!).  All the more amazing, Kenny and his son built this box from scratch.   The workshop where they built the mobile was also built by Kenny.  Guess the man has some skills in addition to shoeing!

Farrah gets to prance around the Preliminary this Sunday at the Fairhill, NJ show facility.  Why Prelim and not Intermediate?  For some reason, this show has NO Intermediate offered, only Advanced and Preliminary are options.  While it would be fun to see what Farrah could do at Advanced, I don't think Sinead wants to tackle that one yet with only two Intermediates under their belt!  Not to mention that this show is jammed pack with all the "who's who" in eventing on the East Coast in the Advanced divisions.  I am not sure how many are entered in Preliminary, but Farrah is in section D if that doesn't tell you how big this show is!

Go RedHead and go eventing!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Forrest Nymph and Sinead Halpin Photos from VHT Intermediate.

I thought this you tube creation might be a nice way to show everyone some incredible still shots from Farrah and Sinead's trip around the Intermediate at VHT!  Enjoy.  GO PONY and TEAM SHE!