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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Redhead Version of Tail Propulsion

We took some young horses to the Florida Horse Park for their schooling show last weekend.  We had one slot left in the trailer, so Farrah came along to show in a few dressage classes.  Much to Farrah's surprise, she and Lauren got to practice the CCI* test and the Intermediate A with a double bridle.  The judge was simply fantastic and told Lauren to school away.  Farrah was astounded that for the first time ever in a competition setting, Lauren COULD throw in a 10 meter circle ad lib and Farrah figured out that her normal "oh cool, we are showing and I get to run off with Lauren" wasn't going to work out.  Mission accomplished. :)

We also stayed overnight so the greenbeans could school cross country the next day.  That meant Farrah got to do gallop sets at the FHP with Mattie (Lauren's working student).  Farrah had a great time and Mattie finished the gallops laughing that Farrah kept trying to divert to jumps.  I mean, why else would they be out there, right?

Farrah and Mattie ended with a little splash through the water and Farrah was super good.  Many thanks to Kristen Bateman Novak for taking such great shots of the Redhead for her fans!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rocking Horse 3 Cross Country Video

Photographic evidence that yes, I actually did compete the Farrah pony.

Even though I am no longer the one showing Farrah at the shows, I still get to enjoy some of the fitness training as Farrah and Lauren prep for the CCI*.   Hmm, maybe enjoy is not the right word, as after the interval canter sets, my calves are burning and I end up with horrid rubs on my right calf from the stirrup leather.  (Probably telling me that I am not riding in balance since only my right leg is affected, but I digress).   Farrah greatly enjoys her gallops and in general is a really good girl about them.  She takes special joy in trying to either catch the grasshoppers that fly up with her mouth or knock them sideways with her head, I can't tell which!  I guess it is just one more amusement for Farrah when we gallop the neighbor's property.

Last week on the Redhead's blog I put up the video from RH 2.  Below is Rocking Horse 3, starting with fence 5.  On the ground, this combination looked quite intimidating but Farrah and Lauren make it look easy :)  Enjoy!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Who wants to see the VIDEO?

I bet you have been wondering about that Rocking Horse II video that I said I have.  Now, those of you who know me, they realize that I am not what you would call Tech Savy.  For those of you whose only exposure to Farrah and I is through this blog, I will let you in on a secret.  Not only am I not great on the computer, I am also cheap.  See, I paid for the full DVD from the Rocking Horse II show, and I was bound and determined that I should not shell out any additional money to pay to put the videos on Youtube.  I mean, how hard can it be to post them online, right?

  After nearly two weeks of attempting to download the video to Youtube from the RNS DVD, I gave up.  I even asked Alan to help me (my husband) and he couldn't figure out how to separate the videos into each segment.  After multiple nights spent on the MAC, that is supposedly very:

 1. Userfriendly

 2.  Outfitted with the appropriate software.

 Alan handed me back the DVD and said just pay them to upload it.  I finally broke down and asked RNS to upload the video to Youtube for me, for your viewing pleasure.  Being able to share the video in my house from the laptop lost it's charm!


Monday, March 4, 2013

And the RedHead Wins One!

Four prelims down and they are all national qualifying scores for the CCI*!!!  To top it all off, Farrah managed to win her division of prelim at Rocking Horse III with nothing added to her 33.9 in Dressage.  Cold weather and high winds did not discourage Farrah at all, who also surprised me by loping in easily at 20 seconds under the optimum time.  Lauren said Farrah found another gallop gear this preliminary and they eased up 4 from home.  And here I was thinking Intermediate time might be hard to make.  I guess not!

If Farrah would just let Lauren lead for their dressage dance, we'd be able to drop those scores a bit.  Farrah broke in one of the counter canters for a 4 and then pulled a few 7's and 8's.  Farrah is capable of so much more, but once she trots down centerline she likes to "play" a bit more than ideal for a dressage test.

Farrah's barn mate Cindy, who has finished 2nd in her last two prelims, finished in 5th, with one rail added to their dressage score of 31.....super pleased with both girls and now we are CCI bound in April, barring any unplanned horsey fun (we all know how much pre-planning can be undermined by our equine partners!).

I leave you with Farrah's new gear :)