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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Schooling Training at Rocking Horse June 2011

Farrah is looking at a Training move-up this fall (well, I am, I am sure she'd be just fine hanging in her pasture with her lady friends).  At any rate, to be prudent I attended a xc schooling at Rocking Horse Stables. We started by leaping over the ramp onto the trailer, because, you know that horse trailer ramps are super scary.  But she does get on, you just have to stand out of her way, so she can leap in.

Farrah schooled really well, but to be honest those training fences still look big to me.

Farrah didn't seem to mind them at all:

I am sure my trainer was not super amused with me, either.  I tell her I want to move up with Farrah, as the last few runs at Novice seemed really easy, but then we get out there and I tell her things like "that jump is too big, no I can't put the line together."  Farrah usually proves that I am wrong, as she happily complies with the questions.

We continue mildly spooking at random things unrelated to jumping, and aside from a minor issue at a corner (wow, those are easy to run by), the weekend went really well.  We do have until November to become super confident.  Me, I mean.  The pony is supremely confident....until you leave her in the stall to go ride another pony.  Then she stands on her hind legs to see if escaping out over the top is an option.  (It isn't, but since she isn't frantic at all, it is rathering interesting to watch).

So now we are back home and I am going to try to process the fact that she jumps trakehners really well but big (like they are 4') and that I will need to make sure I am not jumped out of the tack on that one.

I think I actually look like I am having fun!  I know Farrah is :)

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