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Monday, October 15, 2012


I really do feel like I own the wonder pony.  Such a rockstar this weekend.  Farrah's dressage could have been better (35) but I only recently turned the reins over to Lauren.  Now Lauren knows how I feel when I go into the dressage ring....Farrah knows you won't get after her in the 'competition' ring and she can get a little strong for super great scores.  But she is so fantastic she pulls a good score anyway, while still having what I call "Farrah fun".

When you can rock SJ and XC like this mare, we can spend some time working on dressage for those 'great scores'.  Lauren and Farrah are entered in the N3D in early November, and then they move up to Training at FHP.  This weekend, Farrah and Lauren ran in the 3-phase Training Division, where they were 2nd.  Her farm-mate, Cindy, beat her in dressage but had a few time xc (Farrah, are you listening???  You need to be steady like Cindy!!).  The rest of the farm kicked some serious booty too, winning Novice (Nataly) and Tadpole (Mattie).

Such an exciting season coming up....the little three year old was quiet and awesome with me riding her (and a half connemara homebred to boot) and Anneke (my 9 year old daughter) made her show debut on her connemara pony Lucy....woo hoo Black Dog Farm!

Mia with her eyes closed :)
We will have to wait until the professional photographer sends me pictures of Anneke on the adorable Lucy pony for proof that they did stay in the dressage arena and made it around 18" in good form ;)

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