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Monday, August 11, 2014

Fall Schedule Update and Stadium from HITS IV

Farrah and Sinead at HITS (Saugarties, NY)

Level 3 Stadium Jumping
(they were also clean Level 4's)

Sinead is busy bubble wrapping Farrah's barn-mate, Tate, for his trip to Normandy.....quarantine at Gladstone starts on Tuesday and then he is off to France later this week!  In case you haven't been following eventings Elite squad, Sinead and Tate are representing the US in France at the World Equestrian Games!!! We joked that Tate will miss his pony buddy and maybe Farrah should stow away in the tack trunk, but Farrah will have to keep her toes on US soil for now and let Tatey show them how the Redheads do it in France!

Farrah's fall schedule is now somewhat revised, with Sinead jet-setting over in Europe for almost a month. A few of Farrah's barn-mates joined her at Saugerties for practice at Stadium the last weekend in July.  Farrah went clean in the level 3's and the level 4's.  The plan was to keep Farrah working through WEG with working students until her famous stick impalement occured last weekend.  Sinead and I were lucky; Farrah will only need about ten days off and was never lame.  On a hack, Farrah managed to step on a long stick, at one end, such that the other end came up and impaled her hind leg near the stifle.  Being the true pony that she is, Farrah was never lame and Sinead said she'll be back to work in a few days time.  Silly pony, I think she was going for attention seeking with Taters preparing to leave and all!

Farrah's fall now looks like it will shape up to the following events:

Sep 13/14 
 Seneca Valley Horse Trials (Intermediate)

Sep 19-21
 Plantation CIC**

Oct 3-5
Morvan Park  (Intermediate)

Oct 15-19 
Fairhill CCI**

Farrah and Sinead need some supporters out there at these shows!!!  Especially for the CIC** and the CCI**, the entry fees are getting pretty pricey!  Seriously, $$$$.  Want to show Sinead and the pony some  love?   I am taking orders for Farrah and Sinead "Proud Supporters of the Pony" shirts, for delivery in time for Plantation.  All proceeds will benefit the Redhead and Sinead.  Any takers?  Email me at for sizing and quantities (I anticipate shirts will be approximately $30).  Don't forget, shares are available if you would like to come aboard and join Sinead and Farrah as a member of the syndicate.  Embryo option!  Syndication questions, contact  Go Sinead and Go Pony! 

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