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Monday, October 6, 2014

Where Farrah Gives Sinead a Heart Attack in the Week prior to Fair Hill.

Plantation Stadium Jumping CIC**
I believe this photo is courtesy of Michelle Carson!

We are in the week leading up to the Fair Hill CCI**.  Farrah, as well as Contaro (YEH-5) and Sinead are currently in Middleburg, VA, where they are hanging out to get in a few more gallops up real hills.  Farrah decided Sinead needed a bit of additional excitement in her life during this prep week and so she worked really hard yesterday to give Sinead a heart attack.

Now, Farrah is a bit of an antsy pants in a horse trailer, so pawing is a fairly common occurrence and normally ignored.  Farrah's pretty fit right now and decided she just COULD NOT WAIT to be unloaded. Additional theatrics ensued when Farrah jumped the CHEST BAR while still loaded in her stall in Sinead's head to head rig.  Mind you, there were bales of shavings to negotiate on the landing side, whereby Farrah must have touched down on them (hoof print evidence) and then Farrah proceeded to end up in the straight stalls on the far side.  Sinead was convinced Farrah must have at minimum scraped herself to no end, or at worst have suffered a broken leg from leaping the chest bar from a standstill.  Apparently that answer is No, not when you are the Farrah Pony.......she is missing a bit of hair off her stifles and she proceeded to jog up sound.  Half an hour later (in the almost dark) they made it out to the gallop hill and Farrah again trotted up super this morning....Pony Mares!

I think you have made your point, Farrah, and Sinead and I would both appreciate no further random displays of exuberance or athleticism, please!  At least, save them for the jumping phases at Fair Hill and not the dressage!

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