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Monday, September 19, 2011

Rockstar Farrah

A year ago this month, I was contemplating my first ever event.  For myself and the red head.  We ran that BN course (we were 2nd) and I had the most fun I'd ever had on a horse.

This past weekend we went schooling at Longwood Farm in Ocala.  The goal was to see if we are truly ready for training level.  Farrah carried me to every question that was asked and loved it!  Drop fence into a sunken road, up and over a log on a hill, to a drop bank 3 strides to a chevron.  Riding her, I could feel her thinking "Why have you been keeping so much fun from me?  This rocks!"  And so the XC rockstar is ready.

I am not so sure I am ready, but I am certainly willing to try.  We'll do that same schooling show as last year and see where we are at!

Yeah Pony!

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