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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Debbie Stephens Lesson

Those of us who live in Florida are incredibly lucky to have access to lessons with the best of the best of the best.  Until now, I haven't really taken advantage of their proximity for a number of reasons.  I suck as a rider.  No money.  Not a great horse.  No money.  Still suck a rider.  No money.  Great horse.  No money.  Still not a great rider.  I am sure you are getting the picture.........

Lauren finally convinced me that I should take a lesson with Debbie Stephens. (In case you don't know, Debbie has ridden on Nations Cup Teams, Pan Am Games, etc.).   Lauren got a lot out of Debbie's lessons on Maven, her 2* horse.  Debbie is close to us (45 minutes).  Debbie is also back in town, from 4 months of showing up and down the East coast.  As I have a fantastic red pony mare in the barn, I finally agreed with Lauren and figured I could at least try.
My biggest concern is my wonderful ability to panic in a stressful situation.  This can happen when I ride for any dressage judge I know (IE going off course with Bill Woods judging).  I also apparently love to get the "deer in the headlights" look when approaching jumps I am unsure of, like drops into water.  Lauren said I'd be fine, but I am known for over-thinking riding, getting embarrased and then turning off my brain.  Not really a great set up for a lesson with Debbie.  Lauren was optimistic; I'm not sure why as she was present for the full blown panic I had prior to my first Novice).  I think Lauren forgets the bad things easily.....or at least on purpose.

I did manage to stay on, even when we almost fell in the rain.  I also managed to get yelled at, for forgetting where I was going.  Debbie asked me why I rode to the fence like I was day-dreaming about something else (I am sure that was my deer in the headlights look).  I did finally get it all together, however.  Farrah was amazing, and Debbie said I shouldn't let Karen O'Connor see her.  I knew Farrah was scopey, but not THAT scopey.  Debbie said Farrah is a freak of nature.  THAT I already knew!

Lots of fun and we'll have to try it again....I'm thinking a cocktail ahead of time might be a good idea for me!

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  1. Love the realism. So refreshing to know I am not alone in overthinking and riding in the cycle of no money. Thanks for your insight and inspiration!