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Monday, October 3, 2011

Farrah is a Training Pony

I never thought I would type that.  A year ago, the BN xc fences looked big to me.  Then novice fences looked big.  When they started to look small, I thought maybe we could do training.  (The maybe is for me, not Farrah).  Pictures are courtesy of my friend, Jitka Hyniova.

We were tied for 2nd in dressage with a 37.  Not great, but certainly not too bad for our first outing at training.  It was nice and cool and Farrah was quite energetic.  We pulled a rail in stadium, totally my fault.  I came too far forward up Farrah's neck.  We also incurred a few time penalties.

XC was amazing and I rode Farrah conservatively (ie slow, she isn't super fit).  The coffin line rode well, as did a log drop to a hut.  The gallop tables were incredible, as was the corner and she nailed the log drop into water with coup out.  Our only issue was a small bending line through the trees.  I thought we had scored a refusal, but apparently blowing sideways and taking the jump from basically a walk was not!  We had 12 seconds in time but finished in 5th.  So proud of her!  So now she is a training eventer, with me thinking maybe I could eventually try preliminary.  We'll see :)

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  1. That's fantastic!! Great job! :) Give it time...then training won't look so bad and you'll be ready for prelim. :)