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Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Qualifying Preliminary Run for the RedHead

Lauren and Farrah had another successful weekend showing at Rocking Horse Winter 1 in that Farrah achieved her second qualifying score at Preliminary.  This time out Lauren thought Farrah was the most rideable she has ever been for dressage.  Apparently our dressage judge was not in agreement as Farrah received a 35 for the dressage phase.  Oh well, we were very happy with the test.

The stadium warm up was fantastic!  Then we had a long wait for some un-planned course rebuilding and as soon as they entered the arena, I could see we had a problem.  Pinned ears and a very unhappy looking pony took an uncharacteristic 2 rails in the stadium.  Lauren exited the arena and we both wondered "WHAT WAS THAT"???

Back at stabling we found two rub marks on Farrah from the girth.  Now, we know that she is a senstive redhead and we take precautions, but apparently not enough this time.  Live and learn, I went shopping and one lovely fleece girth later, we are ready for XC. (Farrah is ever shrinking as she gets more fit; Farrah is now down to a 40!!!)

Farrah succeeded in showing Lauren and I that she loved her new fleecy girth and romped around the XC only 3 seconds over time.  Due to the 8 fault stadium round, there didn't seem to be any need to make time, but it is nice to know that her comfort zone is right on it!

Farrah is enjoying a few days off before we look towards our next outing (maybe Rocking Horse II).  Once again, The Horse Pesterer got a little bit of Farrah action at Rocking Horse, so I leave you with a little clip below:

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