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Friday, January 18, 2013

Countdown to Prelim at Rocking Horse

The countdown continues for Farrah's second preliminary event!  Rocking Horse 1 is next weekend (25-27 January) and Farrah has been letting us know she is quite ready and in her not so subtle way, either.  It is fantastic that Farrah is so very eager to go, but being prelim fit definitely gives both Lauren and I pause.

We have two lovely teenage girls who help us on the farm with fitness sets for the horses and so far, both have been able to do trot and canter sets on Farrah and her prelim barn mate, Cindy.   Last week it became apparent that this arrangement was just too good to last and now gallop sets are restricted to just myself and Lauren.  Farrah is way too exuberant in the canter sets (at least the first two of the three sets) for the girls and so it falls on me to make sure Farrah has the proper canter set without thinking she is the one dictating pace.

Farrah "Come on Mom, let's go faster."  

Me "Honey, I don't think this is what Lauren had in mind."

Farrah "Sure it is!  Why can't I just build speed as we is so much fun WHEE!"

Unfortunately for Farrah, I do finally convince her that we can control the canter/gallop sets and she has to reserve her lovely gallop for the actual cross country.  Good thing it is only a week away, that means I have only one more set to survive :)

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