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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Red Head's Future Will Be?

Farrah is probably wondering what the H*** I am doing, riding her in the dressage arena instead of just doing some of the fitness work.  I am trying not to undo all the lovely work Lauren has put into the pony. Sometimes life doesn't go the way you had it all mapped out; we all know with horses that happens more often than not.   Horses can get injured, lose interest or get soured.  In Farrah's case, mom ran out of money to spend campaigning a horse at the upper levels. :-(

It's not that the unplanned is always bad, often times change is good and leads to new and exciting opportunities.  While I can't say much right now, I can let everyone know that I threw up a bunch of juggling balls.  They are still up in the air, but if I manage to catch them all (or even just some of them!) then I will have news for you.  To keep Farrah competing at the upper levels, Farrah will be moving on to both a new rider/ownership for the 2014 season.  While I will miss Her Highness in my barn, rest assured you will still hear regularly about the Red Head's exploits in eventing.  Farrah's meant for bigger and better things than I can offer her on my own.  Farrah wouldn't have gotten so far in this journey without Lauren taking the reins and showing her at Preliminary, so thank you very much for the lovely riding!

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