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Monday, March 17, 2014

Go North, Pony, Go North!

Photo:  Anneke Davidson

I got to visit the pony last weekend and a whole group of us from Black Dog Farm travelled up and booked Sinead's weekend.  We had great lessons from Sinead while we were in Ocala, including a visit to Clayton Frederick's cross country field.  I even got to hack out the RedHead while we were there.  Farrah loved having her former pasture-mate Mia to visit, as none of Sinead's other mares are tolerant of the RedHeaded pony princess.  

Farrah will be leaving tomorrow for the Carolina Horse Park, then on to The Fork and then New Jersey!  I think the East Coast weather is going to be a big surprise, but I am so excited about Farrah's continuing adventures in Eventing with Sinead Halpin.

Sinead and I are working very hard to get everything organized properly to offer Farrah for syndication:  Crazy about eventing and want to be a part owner of an upper level event pony?  Crazy about ponies?   RedHeaded Mares?  Love Team SHE?  Talk to Sinead!  We are looking for fun people to join us in having a great time supporting the sport of eventing with the incredible Farrah pony and Sinead Halpin in the irons!


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  1. This is awesome news - GO PONY and team SHE! Can't wait to meet her.