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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Pony Rocks the Mid-Atlantic Shows!

Photo Courtesy of Brant Gamma

Farrah and Sinead have been cruising around some very big shows since they left Florida and the pair have done a fantastic job at the preliminary level!  At the Carolina International Show in mid-March, Farrah and Sinead finished 4th in a very tough preliminary group (photo above is from Carolina).  

This past weekend, Farrah and Sinead contested preliminary at THE FORK, finishing in 7th place on a tough track, adding just a little time to their dressage score of 33.  Sinead and Farrah have now logged four events at the preliminary level, never finishing out of the top 10 and twice finishing 4th!  The average number of starters has been over 20 and they are now aimed at Intermediate in May.

To say that Sinead and I are thrilled with how well this partnership has developed would be an understatement.   The Redhead loves how Sinead rides her and both of us are very confident in the abilities of this pony to move on up the levels.  When DOC raves about Farrah's canter, you are allowed to get a bit excited about the possibilities.

Sinead and I are now offering shares in the Redhead, as syndicating this special pony to a small group of people will allow this partnership to continue moving onward and upward.   Yes, we could sell Farrah outright, but the Redhead is special!  A team is what is needed to realize Farrah's eventing prowess with Sinead in the irons.  If you would like to join the Redhead's Team, please email Sinead's farm manager and right hand lady, Meg Kep, at for details.  We'd love to have you join us on the pony ride of your life!

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