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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Smile Says It All

Forrest Nymph (Farrah) and Lauren DeNeve just before they went out and completely NAILED their third ever Preliminary at Rocking Horse Winter II Horse Trials. 
All photos from this show happily credited to Jody Harwood.  Thank you!

Dressage was obedient and fairly relaxed and scored a 35.

Stadium was fantastic and Farrah and Lauren went double clear :)

Now for the fun part.  The above photo is the first jump in to a full coffin line. 
Farrah's expression through the line says it all....




The entire course looked easy and for the first time at preliminary, Lauren went for time and at 520 meters/minute they made it.  This preliminary counts for score 3 of 4 needed for the CCI in April and they finish on their dressage score for THIRD PLACE!

Last fence on course, sun starting to set, they went out at 4:52PM:

Farrah and Lauren are on a well deserved few days off and then on to Rocking
Horse III in a few weeks.  We will then have six weeks until the CCI.  GO PONY.


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