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Monday, February 11, 2013

Mike Huber Lesson

Lauren and her peeps traveled to Rocking Horse on Sunday to have a school with Mike Huber.  Mike got to see Farrah and her fellow preliminary competitor of Lauren's, Cindy.  Mike and Lauren had a great time and I will say so did Farrah.  The minions later rode our young ones around under Lauren's watchful eye.

With Mike, Farrah and Lauren rode a prelim combination into the water, option of holding 3 or forward 2.  Farrah launched on the forward 2 and almost unseated Lauren on the landing (try sticking on 14.3 that kicks up her hind end on the backside of a drop) and Mike and Lauren agreed that the holding 3 is a better option if Farrah is going to make the skinny on the out!  They finished their school with the above pictured table.  Lauren thought it was big, and walking up to it later with a red number on it, we knew it was an intermediate table.  I knew it was wide, but it didn't bother Farrah a bit ;)

Farrah really impressed Mike on the bounce banks.  He told us she is cat-like on the banks, I think Farrah just likes showing off!  Looking forward to another qualifying score at Rocking Horse II, which is this weekend.

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