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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dr. Porter Green Lights the CCI*

Most of the time, eventers are really not a super cautious group.  I mean, come on, we gallop over some pretty serious stuff after playing in the sandbox.  But sometimes it pays to be a bit cautious, and I would like to think that being proactive in the care of the Redhead will add to her longevity in the career she has chosen for herself (Farrah's choice, she's the one who got herself booted out of the fancy dressage barn!).  We asked Dr. Porter (Performance Horse Doc, for those of you unfamiliar with him) to come down and examine Farrah and Cindy, just to make sure we are all good to go.  We not only have Rocking Horse 3 this weekend, but after this weekend we  increase training and fitness in preparation for the Ocala CCI* in April. 

Dr. Porter has seen a fair amount of event horses, as he is based in Alachua, and he has been the Competition Vet for Red Hills (including this year as well).  He came out yesterday to flex and jog the Redhead and Cindy and also to issue our health letter due to the EHV-1 scare now creeping around HITS OCALA and WEF.  Farrah did attempt to bite Dr. Porter's nice helper a few times, as she bounced down the shell driveway with helper in tow.  Farrah has a way of letting everyone know she is full of it, while still trying to curb her enthusiasm to some degree.  Farrah is not always completely successful and the redhead in her has to create some excitement!  Ah well, the good news is that not only did she not draw blood from the helper, Farrah also flexed great!  Her back is nice and loose and her tendons are tight and Dr. Porter complemented both mares on being well prepared physically for this weekend and beyond!

Now, if only I could be as prepared and somehow figure out how to correctly upload the lovely cross country video that RNS made for of Farrah at RH 2, that would really be something ;)

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