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Monday, March 4, 2013

And the RedHead Wins One!

Four prelims down and they are all national qualifying scores for the CCI*!!!  To top it all off, Farrah managed to win her division of prelim at Rocking Horse III with nothing added to her 33.9 in Dressage.  Cold weather and high winds did not discourage Farrah at all, who also surprised me by loping in easily at 20 seconds under the optimum time.  Lauren said Farrah found another gallop gear this preliminary and they eased up 4 from home.  And here I was thinking Intermediate time might be hard to make.  I guess not!

If Farrah would just let Lauren lead for their dressage dance, we'd be able to drop those scores a bit.  Farrah broke in one of the counter canters for a 4 and then pulled a few 7's and 8's.  Farrah is capable of so much more, but once she trots down centerline she likes to "play" a bit more than ideal for a dressage test.

Farrah's barn mate Cindy, who has finished 2nd in her last two prelims, finished in 5th, with one rail added to their dressage score of 31.....super pleased with both girls and now we are CCI bound in April, barring any unplanned horsey fun (we all know how much pre-planning can be undermined by our equine partners!).

I leave you with Farrah's new gear :)

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