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Monday, March 11, 2013

Rocking Horse 3 Cross Country Video

Photographic evidence that yes, I actually did compete the Farrah pony.

Even though I am no longer the one showing Farrah at the shows, I still get to enjoy some of the fitness training as Farrah and Lauren prep for the CCI*.   Hmm, maybe enjoy is not the right word, as after the interval canter sets, my calves are burning and I end up with horrid rubs on my right calf from the stirrup leather.  (Probably telling me that I am not riding in balance since only my right leg is affected, but I digress).   Farrah greatly enjoys her gallops and in general is a really good girl about them.  She takes special joy in trying to either catch the grasshoppers that fly up with her mouth or knock them sideways with her head, I can't tell which!  I guess it is just one more amusement for Farrah when we gallop the neighbor's property.

Last week on the Redhead's blog I put up the video from RH 2.  Below is Rocking Horse 3, starting with fence 5.  On the ground, this combination looked quite intimidating but Farrah and Lauren make it look easy :)  Enjoy!


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